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Managing executive behaviour: the pros and cons of separate policies

For many employers it's appealing to hold executives to higher standards of behaviour, but risks and pitfalls abound in applying inconsistent workplace policies, a lawyer says.

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Australia has voted. What's next for HR?


The Coalition approached the federal election with a fairly limited workplace relations agenda, but now may push forward a number of proposals that had stalled, a workplace lawyer says. » more »


Five executives "in cahoots" following dismissals

Five senior executives have won their unfair dismissal claims, but will receive no compensation after the Fair Work Commission found they engaged in a "significant amount of misconduct" after being sacked. » more »


Post-termination mental ill health excuses late claims

Two employees have successfully argued that their post-termination mental health should excuse their late unfair dismissal claims, in separate cases before the Fair Work Commission. » more »


Webcast: Managing executive performance and behaviour

Misbehaviour and underperformance can be particularly difficult to manage when it involves senior people in an organisation. In this HR Daily Premium webcast, a lawyer shares tips for handling complaints against senior staff, policy and contract considerations, and more. » more »

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ALP pledges new tribunal to rule on 'wage theft'; Where the major parties stand on D&I; and more

A new jurisdiction to deal with underpayments will be established if Labor wins the election on Saturday, opposition leader Bill Shorten has announced. Meanwhile, the major parties have revealed where they stand on workplace diversity; new-hire pay rates have increased slightly; and more. » more »