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Transparency around diversity a must; HR leaders and DV; Menopause stigma

Transparency around hiring and promotion statistics is driving both diversity and engagement wins for a tech employer. Also in this article: HR best practice when facing a domestic violence disclosure; and reducing stigma around menopause.

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Preparing for the unexpected in workplace investigations; and more


Workplace investigations don't always go as planned so it is vital for employers to "prepare for the unexpected", HR Daily Community member Nick Hedges says. In this week's featured post, he shares recent learnings and tips from a detailed and lengthy investigation. » more »

Historical allegations "extremely difficult" for employers


The accusations against IR Minister Christian Porter highlight a raft of complex considerations for employers around handling s-xual assault allegations, along with the need for urgent action on last year's harassment recommendations. » more »


Job sharing among top strategies to bolster gender diversity

Employers are increasingly willing to consider job sharing arrangements between employees, among broader strides to improve their gender diversity. » more »


More work to do on raising women's "voice"; Inside D&I at ICC Sydney

Employers still have "much work to do" in ensuring women have the "same voice" as men in the workplace, according to an HR director at the forefront of championing diversity, equality and inclusion. » more »


Webcast: Adverse action case law update

General protections claims are on the rise, with employees feeling they have little to lose by launching an action. Watch this webcast for an up-to-date look at recent developments, rulings and practical risk-mitigation strategies. » more »

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Flimsy evidence and speculation made dismissal "unconscionable"


An employee who says he joked about making a fraudulent compensation claim but had no intention of following through was unfairly dismissed, the Fair Work Commission has found, rebuking his employer for using a hasty investigation and flimsy evidence to bolster a "highly speculative" allegation. » more »