Frequently Asked Questions

What is my current subscription level?

If you're not sure what subscription level you have, log in to HR Daily and your account type will be displayed when you click on "Account settings" under "My account" in the top-right corner of this website.

You can upgrade your subscription to premium membership here.

What are my login details?

Logging into HR Daily requires the email address you subscribed with as well as the password you either selected or were provided when subscribing.

If you have forgotten your password you can request a reset link. This will be sent immediately (although may take up to 30 minutes to receive).

How do I change my password?

You can request a password reset link, or change your password when logged in via the "Account settings" page under "My account".

How often are emails sent to subscribers?

The HR Daily newsletter is sent once each day, Monday to Friday (excluding NSW public holidays). Subscribers may also receive occasional offers, promotions and other notifications.

Premium members will also receive weekly wraps as well as webinar invitations.

Subscribers will generally receive 6 or 7 emails per week from HR Daily.

Can I change the email address that HR Daily emails are sent to?

Yes. When logged in visit your "Account settings" under "My account".

Premium members should or call +61 2 9267 3800 with all subscription enquiries.

Can I access HR Daily from a tablet or smartphone?

You can access HR Daily from any sized web-browsing device. The HR Daily website will adjust automatically to the size of your screen.

Which types of content can I access?

With a free subscription you can access any content not marked as "premium".

Premium members have access to all of the content on HR Daily - including webcasts, articles and live webinars.

How can I find an archived article or webcast?

HR Daily articles and webcasts are archived in chronological order starting on our home page.

You can also browse our back catalogue by topic, or use our search function.

How can I use my premium-member store discount?

to receive an up-to-date discount code before making your purchase.

I have a premium membership and would like to request a webinar pass.

to receive your email registration link - please mention the title of the webinar(s) you would like to attend.

Can I share HR Daily articles or webcasts, or republish HR Daily content to a website, blog, noticeboard or newsletter?

Use the buttons at the top of any article to share it via email or social media, keeping in mind that some content will prompt the recipient to log in or subscribe for access.

If you'd like to reproduce our content on your own site or newsletter please .

Can I forward HR Daily emails?

No - forwarding HR Daily emails endangers your personal information held with us and can be used to make purchases and comments within the HR Daily subscriber system. It also creates a digital copy of our content, putting you at risk of violating copyright and trademarks held by us. Please use the email button at the top of any article to share our content.

Can I share my HR Daily login details?

No - sharing your HR Daily login details endangers your personal information held with us and can allow others to make purchases and comments within the HR Daily subscriber system.

HR Daily logins are provided on a per-user licence basis, so each subscription is for the named recipient's use only.

If you share your login details you're allowing HR Daily content to be displayed without permission, putting you at risk of violating copyright and trademarks held by us.

Are there special rates for large HR Daily Premium subscriptions?

Yes - we offer discounted rates for bulk subscriptions, where all users are employed by and work for a single company or statutory authority (excluding service providers, subsidiaries, independent contractors and clients) and the subscription can be invoiced to a central contact (no split billing). View our rates here.

How do I add more people to our premium account?

or call +61 2 9267 3800 with your request. Rates are prorated relative to the primary subscription's renewal date. For multi-user rates to apply, all users must work for a single organisation (excluding service providers, subsidiaries and clients) and the subscription must be invoiced in full to a central contact.

Subscriptions can be transferred, on request, to another person working for the subscribed organisation.

Can I connect with HR Daily via social media?

Yes - we're on LinkedIn and Twitter, and we'd love for you to join the HR Daily Community.

Does HR Daily accept advertising?

Yes - on a select basis and only for products and services of specific interest to HR professionals. Learn about our promotions service here.

What is your privacy policy and subscription terms and conditions?

You can view our privacy policy here and terms of use for subscriptions here.

How do I unsubscribe?

Free subscribers: we'll be sorry to see you go, but if at any time you would like to end your subscription to HR Daily you can unsubscribe here (you must be signed in first - reset your password here). You can also request to be unsubscribed by forwarding any HR Daily email you have received to and include the message "remove" (please allow up to two business days for requests to be processed).

After unsubscribing you will no longer receive HR Daily newsletters or be able to access content on the HR Daily news site.

Premium subscribers: please get in touch if there's anything we can do to improve your subscription experience, but if you need to end your membership please or call +61 2 9267 3800, or forward any HR Daily email you have received to and include the message "remove".

Please note subscription payments are non-refundable and can't be swapped for credit, however we're happy to transfer the unused part of your subscription to another person in your organisation.