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The power of open questions

At work, people tend to ask questions because they need an answer, and they often "shortcut" the communication process by pre-forming opinions, says HR Daily Community blogger Tania Horozides. » more »

Webcast: HR liability under the WHS Act


The model Work Health and Safety laws now in force in most Australian jurisdictions place new duties on HR professionals, exposing them to areas of personal liability and other risks that can't be ignored. Watch this webcast to understand:

  • The extent of WHS duties for HR professionals under the model Act;
  • Who the law considers an "officer" and what their responsibilities entail;
  • Areas where HR professionals and other senior staff face personal liability risks;
  • Steps HR professionals can take to ensure decisions that affect safety are defensible;
  • HR's role in meeting consultation requirements to employees and others; and
  • Particular issues in relation to psychological injury risks.
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