When contracting arrangements aren't clear on paper and are murky in practice, they become like the proverbial "ticking bomb", potentially resulting in massive back-pay orders for wages, superannuation contributions, and other modern award or NES entitlements.

According to Hicksons partner Brad Swebeck, a court ruling that a contractor is actually an employee can be financially catastrophic for a business - whatever its size - "but there are ways to defuse or minimise this risk".

In this presentation, originally hosted by HR Daily in June 2011, Brad explains how to:
  • determine whether to engage workers as contractors or employees;
  • ensure arrangements satisfy established principal/contractor tests;
  • review existing arrangements to clarify your liability;
  • adapt contracts and practices to reverse the risk; and
  • avoid the risks associated with long-term contracting arrangements.
The presentation runs for approximately 60 minutes, followed by 20 minutes of Q&A.

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